Wang Jisi: Americans Always Want to Deny their Decline to the Chinese


IFENG Finance Summit 2014, co-hosted by and PhoenixTV, was staged in Beijing from Nov. 18th to 19th , 2014. The summit discussed topics on China's economic reform, construction of the ruling by law, international competition and global governance in order to understand the nature of the new economy and promote the establishment of a new order.

On the forum for “keynote dialogue I: Reshaping A New Model of Major Power Relationship” held on the morning of the 19th, Wang Jisi, President of the Institute of International & Strategic Studies (IISS) , Peking University (PKU) expressed his ideas: what do Americans care about? Americans always want to tell the Chinese that they are not declining. They are not going downwards as some Chinese media reported, while we will pointed out that America’s share of the world’s total economic output has decreased from 30% at the end of last century to 22% or less at present.

Mr. Wang pinpointed that China’s contribution to the world economy has increased from last century’s 4% to the current 12%, up 8% while the United States sees a drop of 8%. Nevertheless, when compared with Europe, Japan and other capitalist countries, the United States is not in a state of decline. This is what the Americans say Oops, we did not decline. Since we did not decline and you are rising, let’s manage the world affairs together.

According to Mr. Wang, the Americans are most concerned with America’s position in the world and whether China will pose a lot of obstacles or challenges to it? Of course, the Americans also care about what is happening in China. But it cares more about what happened elsewhere in the world, such as the Ebola virus which also affected the United States, the more important US-Russian geopolitical contests and conflicts in Europe and some turmoils existing in some regions of the Islamic world. All these are matters of concern to the United States. Although it intends to return to Asia, what it can do is limited. Americans tell Chinese leaders that the most important thing for it is to develop friendly relations with China in Asia while maintaining friendly relations with its allies, which can be achieved at the same time.

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