Sponsored by Institute of International and Strategic Studies, PKU

November 3~4, 2021

WU Bingbing


Wu Bingbing is Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Director and Associate Professor at the Department of Arabic Language and Culture in Peking University, as well as Director of Middle Eastern Studies Center at PKU. He was a visiting scholar in Kuwait University in 1997 and Damascus University in 2001, and received his PhD in Arabic Language and Literature at Peking University in 2003. His research interests include Arab-Islamic Culture, Shi’ite Islam, history of Islam, and contemporary Islamic issues. He is the author of the book The Rise of the Shi’i Modern Islamism (CASS Press, Beijing, 2004). 

Now he is a fellow of China Association of Middle East Studies, board member of China-Arab Friendship Association and China-Iran Friendship Association.