Sponsored by Institute of International and Strategic Studies, PKU

October 21~23, 2016

GUI Yongtao


    Gui Yongtao is associate professor at the School of International Studies and Assistant President of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University. He received his PhDs from Waseda University and Peking University in 2005 through a double-degree program. His research focuses on politics and international relations in East Asia. His recent publications include “The Historical Background and Causes of the Deterioration of Sino-Japanese Relations,” (2014); “Changes in American Perceptions and Policies towards Japan,” (2014), “Abe’s Push Toward Collective Self-Defense is Alarming,” (2013), “Rise of Nationalism in East Asia and the Changing Relations between China and its Neighbors,” (2013); “China-Japan-US Relations and Northeast Asia’s Evolving Security Architecture” (2010).