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Officially founded in October 2013, the Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS), Peking University (PKU) was the former Center of International and Strategic Studies of Peking University established in May 2007. IISS is affiliated to the School of International Studies, PKU, and exists as an entity that can use “Peking University” in its name. Its Board of Directors is composed of senior scholars and experts in and out of the PKU, and the president responsibility system is implemented under the leadership of the Board.

IISS aims to promote the development of academic research and policy research related to world politics, international security and global strategy, etc. It focuses on the analysis of international situations that China faces as well as international strategy of related countries, then based on such analysis, publishes or presents research results to relevant authority that are characterized by policy significance and future vision. IISS is committed to providing intellectual support for China’s decision-making of international strategy as well as serving the teaching of relevant subjects. It also leads the public to understand issues related to national security and international strategy in a sound, correct and reasonable way. Its research results include the irregularly published Briefing on International Strategy Studies, the annually published Review of China’s International Strategy (English and Chinese), International Strategy Research Series of Peking University, and research reports entrusted by government sectors, enterprises and public institutions.

In the trend of globalization, we have been witnessing an array of interwoven and interacting issues of politics, economy, military, science, technology, culture, religion and society around the world. The non-traditional security issues, such as ecological environment, public health and natural disasters, are becoming the subjects for international strategy research. IISS, PKU encourages the international strategy research to be done from interdisciplinary and multiple perspectives, striving to make innovation in theory and methodology while focusing on practical issues. IISS values the field research at home and abroad in international strategy study, encourages the completion of the research and presentation of insightful views of practical significance and policy influence on the basis of field research.

IISS has been successfully undertaking and accomplishing many Projects of the National Social Science Fund of China and Major Key Projects of Philosophy and Social Science of the Ministry of Education; it also provides oriented researches and decision-making consultation services for the Foreign Affairs Office of the Communist Party, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the National Defense University and the Academy of Military Science of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The research results have been widely acclaimed.

IISS boasts abundant academic resources for domestic and international study, maintains stable cooperation with well-known think tanks, universities and research institutions at home and abroad. It organizes many high-level domestic and international seminars, focusing on China’s foreign policy, great power strategy, regional security, global governance and other important theories and policy issues. IISS’s researchers often publish professional comments concerning major international issues through various forms to help the public understand the world objectively and rationally. IISS also has tasks of teaching and training in the field of international and strategic studies.

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